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Our concern is to serve the customer in their particularities, for this we have developed a hotel technique based on the teachings of the main hotel school in the world located in Switzerland, La Roche.


We conducted an interview with the owners and their families to find out about each one's tastes and preferences, so that upon arrival at the residence, they are prepared to receive them, with an individual touch for each client, after all, you deserve to enjoy the your stay in the best possible way.


In this way we decide, together with the client, the service that will be provided and what he expects from us. We offer the convenience of using these services at any time, and can be requested from anywhere in the world, with the delivery of periodic reports, via email, which will always keep the owner up to date with everything that is happening with their property.

Home watch services


We have over 25 regular services we perform while we watch your home:

  • Custom preparations of residence for Client Arrival & Departure

  • Exterior check of grounds, landscape, pests, lawn and sprinklers

  • Remove newspapers, flyers, check mailbox

  • Exterior visual check including roof, screens, windows, fence

  • Visual Check all doors and windows for damage and ensure they are properly secured

  • Visual Check for signs of water damage, mold, and mildew

  • Inspect all accessible areas including rooms and grounds of the property

  • Visual Inspect plumbing and electrical systems

  • Visually check AC units for leaks, proper working condition and change the AC filters

  • Verify AC and humidistat settings; adjust as necessary

  • Monitor fans and air exhaust devices

  • Cycle the water: Flush toilets, run water in sinks (including garbage disposal), tubs and showers

  • Short cycle dishwasher and washer

  • Visual Check the water heater

  • Visual Check for signs of insects, pests, and rodents

  • Visual Check closets, pantry and storage cabinets

  • Visual Check refrigerator, freezers and wine coolers for proper temp and operation

  • Visual Check circuit breaker panels

  • Visual Check garage (including trash) and make sure door to the garage is secured

  • Control and change batteries in smoke detectors when necessary

  • Visual Check and change outdoor light fixtures when necessary

  • Visual Check the pool's water level and condition of water

  • Visual Check equipment and pool control panel

  • Final departure policy “Look, Listen, Lock.”

  • Enable security system, lock door

  • Turn OFF the water supply

  • Identify areas in need of attention, suggest repairs and preventive maintenance

  • In the event that we find out the need for the presence of a specialist, we will inform the customer and provide a service provider, an extra expense on behalf of the customer.

In addition to these services on the basic list, we offer separate and differentiated services, which can be hired individually or in a luxury package.


Our company has a list of partners that provide handyman services, repairing and maintaining the client's property when necessary. We will always close the service with the prior authorization of the client for the specific budget presented.

Property management for rent 

Our company offers the option of managing the property for rent, season or long term, by means of a percentage of the rent amount to be contracted with the client, we will monitor the rent payments, transferring them to an account determined by the client or managing the client's legal entity account, making the payment of fees, condominium and other expenses of the owner's responsibility. We also offer the unique service of participation in condominium assemblies, by means of a specific power of attorney, one of our representatives with technical knowledge will participate in the meeting and vote on matters of interest to the property owner. We manage the preparation of the lease agreement as well as the payment of commission to the broker who brings the tenant to rent the property under our management.


Cleaning service 

We know that a comfortable stay requires a clean residence, that's why we are concerned to use legal professionals, with experience in this area and of complete trust, with the proper follow-up from us. Delivery will be made in the manner defined by the client in the interview.

Cleaning the Counter


You come to Florida and want to go to shows, games, restaurants, rent luxury cars, etc., we take care of scheduling, transportation and everything necessary for your comfort during the period of your stay, our concern is to serve the customer for him feel on vacation in a 5 star hotel.

Luxury Valet Service

Maintenance of goods

Do you have a car or boat that needs periodic maintenance, special care, we have the solution and the experience of professionals in the area to take care of your boat or car as if it were you. We regularly carry out visual and technical inspections according to the need for the good you have, whoever takes care of it always has his favorite toy available to be used in the way he pleases (amount charged for service performed).

Heater Maintenance
Luxury cars

We have a luxury car rental company as a partner, with years of market in Florida, different types and sizes of cars available for any date and type of event you want to hold, we provide all the comfort for your trip to be the most pleasant possible.

Front of Car
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